Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello people of the outside world!
So this week has been super tiring! Me and my comp have been working working working cuz our area was almost dead but we have brought it back to life! Days are so long and we just go like crazy! And things are finally starting to come up.
  We work super good together and get a long well. He even has a girlfriend that's gonna send me candy! Total plus!
So things that happened: Nothing really. We haven't had very many cool stories. We are working with a ton of less activities, which are my favorite families to work with!
    We had a scavenger hunt for  a family home evening in the church with a few families. It was a lot of fun. We played soccer and i did work again! I'm actually getting respect when i play. haha.
   Had a cool activity with the zone we played penguin soccer and did some improve and made a ton of banana pancakes with ice cream! Best thing ever!
   I'm loving the work. Its super hard and days are long but i know that sooner or later this area is gonna explode!
I getta talk to my momma this Sunday! I'm stoked!!!!!!!!!
Thanks everyone for all the prayers. I use them everyday! ;)

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