Thursday, May 17, 2012

This week has been great!
I got to talk with mis Padres on Mothers day! Super great to hear some familiar voices. We only got 40 minutes which felt too short but its better than nothing at all.
   Things have been going good. Its actually been raining a lot so the weather hasn't been too bad. Just like sprinkles here and there. Its when the sun comes out when it gets miserable! The humidity sky rockets!!!!!!!! Its awful. But its part of the work. We've been working with a ton of less actives cuz thats really like my specialty. And they are my favorites to work with. We are still trying to find The Elect. The ones who are ready for the gospel. Its really hard. haha. Theres so many people here.
  We has a Spanish meeting with all the Spanish missionaries in the mission. We are a small group only about 20ish of us but we are strong and are the power house of the mission! It was a lot of fun and im grateful to be a Spanish Elder. I realized my spanish isnt as bad as i thought but of course it still can be way better so it gave me hope to work harder!
   Friday we went to this members house to eat and we were eating on the deck and the windows were open. And as we are eating i see this huge bug fly by the window and i just like froze cuz i knew exactly what was gonna happen. And as i predicted the biggest wasp i have ever seen flys in where we are all eating. I freakin yell! and we all start flipping out. We finally kill it and i kid you not it was as big as my middle finger. They scariest thing i have ever seen. It was disgusting. The sister was like, Oh we see those all the time...
   Yeah but other then that weve just been working. Teaching, Finding. Trying our best to spread the Gospel to all the nations. There is no greater work.
   Im grateful to be here. Thank you all for all the love and support!

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