Wednesday, May 23, 2012

  So this week has been really good. Time has gone by so fast and i cant believe its already 4th week in the transfer! I don't wanna leave this ward!
    Thursday was pretty good. We Did some service early in the morning and got fed so that was great. Planned alittle and then went onto soccer. Its so fun i love playing so much but i ended up twisting my ankle pretty bad. Not so bad that i cant walk on it but just enough to swell and bruise. But no worries it did not impede my nexts days events.
   Friday morning again we had service, We do a lot of that. haha. The we taught some really good lessons and went to the VC with an investigator. The sister who gave our tour tore it up and the spirit was so strong and it was a really good lesson. Got her a bdate finally! weve been working with her for a loooong time. Then lately we've been focusing on this less active family in the ward. they are awesome and are so loving. We just dont know why they haven't been coming to church. Theyre super cool.
   Saturday was really slow. we didnt have many set appointments and people cancel on us a lot but thats okay weve still been workin a ton and like crazy.
   Sunday was good. we got an investigator at church again! Yes!!! and we went to the VC again and had another bomb lesson. the sister missionaries are beasts! They do work.
these passed few days have been good. Checking on a lot of people and we are actually working on this movie for the  ward its gonna be hilarious. Its about finding the lost sheep. Its gonna be sweet. We worked on that a lot cuz it needs to be finished in 2 weeks. haha. Then today for P day we got a ton of missionaries together to play some soccer it was awesome. Super hott but a lot of funn. Of course though i hurt the same ankle again and i got kicked in the back really hard playing goalie but you know me I'm not gonna stop playing... haha
I'm loving it here. Missions are sick! Its going by really fast. Write me people. I miss yall.

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