Friday, June 1, 2012

Yo this week was crazy!

It went by really fast. We've been working a ton on this ward movie and its so funny. Its gonna turn out so good!
 But really we've just been working so hard! Its been like in the 90's almost all week which is ridiculous. I die every single day on bike and i got a big fat sun burn on my arms and neck but its okay cuz then comes big fat tans!
We are in the finding process still which is nuts and i hate it but its part of the work. 
But the best thing happened! We gave a baptismal interview to our top investigator cuz she left for new york today and we really pushed for baptism and surprise surprise she got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ive been teaching her for 4 transfers now and she felt ready and actually got her mom to approve and sign the paper!
It was so dope! I love this girl so much and she asked me to baptize her! Best experience ever! So legit!
But sadly I'm for sure leaving this area next Wednesday and i got a ton of mixed emotions... This ward is amazing and i really don't wanna leave I've become so attached...
But i am short on time and gotta leave. Sorry this is so short.
Love you guys so much!

Silver Spring South Zone 

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