Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello everyone. No i did not forget about you. Today is actually our P Day just for today cuz we went as a mission to the Nationals Game! It was so much fun but unfortunately they lost. Super Lame and there new hot shot rookie is a Mormon #34 Harper. And hes only Nineteen! I'm older than him! His birthday is on the 19th of October. But hes less active and hasn't served a mission yet so with all us missionaries there he had a terrible game. Such a bummer The Nats were in first place but this loss will probably drop them.
   So Transfers came! I sadly had to leave the Area i so dearly loved... I'm now in a new area . I'm in Olney Maryland. Its so beautiful! But its more rich so theres not that many Hispanics here. And Theres for some reason a lot of Brazilians which kinda stinks cuz i need to work on my Spanish but they all speak Portuguese . I cant get a break... haha. But the good news is I am in a car!!!!!!!!!!!! And ill be here for a while cuz the missionary I'm with is going home in 5 weeks.
But the sickest thing happened! On Sunday one of the families i reactivated they finally baptized there son and baby blessed their 2 daughters! The father who was having the most problems had the biggest smile on his face! It was the greatest feeling to know that work is paying off and to see the fruits of my labors. Its doesn't count on paper as my baptism. But i count it for sure. They wouldn't be active without the missionaries!
   But really nothing really went on this week. I had to say goodbye to everyone which was not fun cuz I'm so attached to that ward. We did get to eat a ton and had 5 meals the day before i left but it was really weird feeling cuz i felt like i was leaving home again. People were coming to me and hugging me and saying they will see me when i return. It was so hard but i think for sure i will go back to that ward before i go home. I got plenty of time. I'm at about 8 months now. Super crazy!  But really other than that nothing really. I was asked to realign Hyattsville cuz i had been there so long. That was pretty cool. President trusted me enough with that. Hyattsville actually has a car now. Which I'm stoked for cuz its gonna be so much more productive. But really that's pretty much it. I did get stung by a wasp super lame. But yeah. I'm really excited for my new area but my old comp said its pretty challenging... Its okay I'm here for a reason.
   I love ya ll so much. Please write me. I sure do wanna hear from all of you. Much Love

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