Wednesday, June 13, 2012

   Well I've been in my new area for a week now and i have to say it is so much different!
Olney is like full of farms and what not its nuts! There are so many rich white folk every where and they are so mean!
And for some weird reason there are like little colonies of Jews and tons of Koreans... Super strange. I swear on like every street there are multiple churches with Korean writing on them.
  Hispanics are hard to find so if we see one we have to chase him down and get info outta him. We tract a lot in this area just in hopes we can find anyone to teach! Man this area stinks but i freaking love it. There are some strange characters out here.
This one dude talked to us for like 40 minutes about how the Catholic church is true. Hes was like " I don't wanna tell you this cuz once i tell you this if you don't change you will receive greater condemnation..." It was actually a pretty good conversation with him. And me and my comp both felt after we left that he would be baptized someday. He promised he would read one of our pamphlets but not the Book of Mormon. His heart will get softened...
    But this ward is great. Its a lot smaller then the other one i was in but its great. There are some loving people. The Bishop is great and is really focused on bring all the come unto Christ. And the best part is there are a lot of youth and they all love to play basketball!!! So we played last P Day and i got all their trust. They are pretty cool. We are gonna get them to come out with us as much as we can. They are sweet.
   So yesterday was one of the best days of my mission! Like honestly i don't even know how to describe it. We are just going through our day and a member from the English ward calls us with like 4-6 people that want to hear the lessons... We thought it was a joke but he said they know Mormons and one even has parents that are members back home. So we set up an appointment as soon as we could! We were shocked with this news and then at the end of the night we started to go home at exactly 830 but for some unknown reason the main road was closed. So we take the side streets and then we wanna know why it was closed so we come down the same road from the back way but the blockade is gone and the road is open again so it was super random. But we get home and we have to walk a little ways to our apartment cuz all the spot right in front are taken so we gotta park far off and as we are walking a dude drives by, stops and says, "hey are you guys Mormons?" We were a little scared but we said yes. And he says do you guys have a book that i can have. We didn't really understand cuz no one asks us for a book. He said he wants to read the book we give to people. So we go around to talk to him and i freaking recognize him of the boyfriend of a member back in the old ward i was in. We started talking and he wants to learn! We GPS his address when we got back and it is literally 2 streets away from our church... Now i have no idea what we did to deserve these miracles. I honestly feel like i don't deserve them. Last night we were just freaking out in our apartment and yelling. It was crazy! we were so excited... Then we thanked Heavenly Father like crazy for the blessings hes given us. It was incredible
So yeah I'm really excited for this transfer. We are for sure gonna baptize at least one person. I want my comp to go home on a good note!
Thank you all for all your prayers and support. I know i couldn't do this without ya ll. I love you so much!
Elder Julander

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