Sunday, June 24, 2012

This week was pretty good. Its really hard being in the area of Olney. I hate tracting cuz the houses are so huge and intimidating. But we have to do it everyday cuz we have to find people to teach. There are also like these random Jew colonies. They are super mean so we stear clear of those. I am grateful im in a car though. Cant complain. Also we do have a Cafe Rio and all the misionaries says its so dang good, but i miss my Costa Vida. Way better... haha.
   Anyways nothing really too exciting or out of the norm but we did get a chance to meet with the miracles. The 6 guys ended up living just outside our area but they are awesome and i think atleast 3 with get baptized. But we met with the other dude who lives right next to the church and he is awesome. He is soooooooooooooo prepared to hear the Gospel. He understood the restoration so well. He had so many deep and good questions. He said he felt really good after the lesson and he wants to learn more. He also asked if a person could get baptized again. He said he was baptized when he was 12 in Colobia but he felt nothing. (I know! Crazy right?) So we both think he will forsure go down this transfer. We are meeting this friday so pray for him! Alfonso. Hes so dope. But really that was the highlight. This area is really slow but we are trying hard to work and gett it on fire. The good this is there are 2 tacobells so i can live! haha. The new Nacho burritto is bomb!
   Im gratefull to be out here. 4th of July is coming and i heard this place goes crazy so im stoked!
Thanks for everyone and i love you so much. I now have another Niece! Yeah Dog!


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