Friday, June 29, 2012


I dont even know what to call this week. haha.
But i can say ive grown a lot. So weve run into a ton of interesting people. We find the "Best" People when we tract... Weve really just been knocking doors a ton! That what we do to take up time during the days. Cuz our days are pretty open most of the time. But we did teach Alfonso! It was sweet! He is the best. Hes so prepared. We gave him a Baptism date but he totally said no. But then we explained its only if hes ready then he understood and was like okay. So we got a date for the 15th! We are gonna teach him tonight! The Plan of Salvation. I got an entire lesson that has to do with Basketball and im gonna try it out tonight. I hope it works. Ive been working on it for a while. Its gonna be dope! But we did have a ward party for fathers day. (Yeah Hispanic time is usually a little late.) haha. But when we were there a down sindrome kid in my ward was chewing some food and he was pretending to be a tiger and was gonna eat me. So i pretty much knew what was coming and he spit all his food on my arm... And too my surprise i didnt get mad at all. I was actually okay with it. He felt super bad so it was all fine. So yeah i think ive grown a bit. haha. (Thanks Zach Man). But another funny thing is yesterday we actually had an appointmen with an investigator and we were there a little early and so we called a few people and before we went in we decided to pray but the funny thing is as soon as we were done i noticed his care was gone... So as our eyes were closed and heads were down he didnt see us and drove off. haha. Super funny. But stinky as well. Its okay though. We just worked extra hard to find people. I guess we werent suppossed to teach him that day. haha. And then today my back has been feeling a lot better cuz ive been sleeping on the couch. Its too small for me to lay completely flat but i feel better in the moring and i cant hear my comp snoring... So i was able to play ball today. It was bomb. I miss it a lot! But things are great. Pray for Alfonso. we really believe he will get in the water before my comp goes home!
I love you all so much. Hope everthing is well. I love my two new nieces!
Elder Julander

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