Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things have been going great! 
I love being a district leader. Its so much fun. I feel so involved with the district and i get to know the missionaries a lot better. Its a lot of fun seeing how their areas are and how everything is going. Super cool.
Weve been working pretty hard and have been having some pretty good success. We met this one lady Blanca. Shes amazing. She told us she had dreams about 3 men standing in all white and also dreams about Jesus showing her the way. Shes golden! So hopefully she we can get her to realize this is the path and that God sent us too her. We are also working with this amazing less active family. They wanna go in the temple super bad but they work a ton so its hard for them to go to church and they cant take the temple prep classes. But we are for sure gonna help them with that.
 This ward is great. they love helping out the missionarys and are so loving to us. 
District meeting was great! Even though i made the rookie mistake of leaving the agenda and my workshop outline at home it went super good. everyone seemed to like it and i was actually the only DL in the mission to have the district meeting on the right topic! haha. So that was super cool. 
Things are going well. I am definetly getting a lot more patience. The Lord apparently doesnt think i have enough... haha. 
Today we watched the Joseph Smith movie. And i figured something out. It says when the missionaries first went to England and Europe thousands were converted! So i feel like when China opens up tens of thousands will be converted! I just think that is the logical thing. Theyve been kept from the truth cuz they no not where to find it. So that place is gonna explode when it gets open! Pray for that...
Thanks for to whoever reads this. 
Much Love.

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