Friday, April 5, 2013

A Tribute to March Madness

We had a long day today so im trying to make this quick. Im beat.
Well this week was great! We had an awesome miracle.
So we are gonna baptize on sunday! haha. So what had happened was there was this one 25 year old woman who was getting taught by the singles ward, but then she turned out to be married. So they passed her onto the English Elderes. They taught her for a bit but shes Hispanic and she likes to read in Spanish and she wanted to go to the Spanish ward to see how it was. She loved it! She said it was better than the English ward... haha. And so they handed her over to us! Shes so legit! Her name is Gissell. Shes golden! She accepts everything and has such a great desire to get baptized! She even has a friend in our ward so it all worked out for the best!
Then today we had a zone activity. We had a Ping Pong tournament! It was a lot of fun.
I made a bracket of the whole zone and it was organized into 4 regions: West Side, BYU states, America, and Foreign World. It actually worked out perfectly! I unfortunately only made it to the Sweet 16... I guess 25% of Asian blood didnt cut it. (Sorry dad)
Okay so we went to The University of Maryland this week and we set up a booth on campus and just started talking to everyone! I was so scared. haha. It was really weird talking to people my own age. But it turned out awesome! I loved it. I got 3 Muslims to accept a Book of Mormon and a missionary visit! So sick
This week has been pretty good. The Jehovahs Witnesses didnt come back but we ended up tracting into a family of them. They tried to Bible bash with us. They asked us to come in and said they didnt want to argue. But they ended up getting really heated with us and showed us an article in the Watch Tower about a Mormon guy turned Jehovahs witness right before he was about to leave on his mission. It was such a scued article. It talked about contradictions between the Bible and BoM It had a scripture reference to the Book of Mormon that says "The soul never dies" Then it had a reference to the Bible that said "... the sould dies". We later looked up the references and the full scripture reference of the Bible said "The soul dies of the wicked" And obviously they dont understand that it means spiritual death. Good thing weve got the whole picture. The Plan of Salvation is perfect.
Love you all. Thanks for everything!

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