Friday, April 5, 2013


  Full week.
Well weve been doing great! haha. We have been seeing so many miracles! Its been incredible. We have been finding some really prepared people! And have been having some funny stories.
    So Funny story number one:
a few days ago. During personal study. We get a knock at the door. and my companion is in the bathroom so i go and answer. Guess who? The Jehovah's Witnesses! haha. It was super funny. I was just like thinking how awkward it was. So there is one black guy and an old white guy. The black guy starts talking to me and asks me what faith is. I answer him. Then he brings forth his bible and shows me that i am right with what my answer is. Then he just tells me that they are going around and spreading the "good word of God". He gives me their monthly Watch Tower. (its like the Ensign to us). And they tell me its all about faith. Preticularly a man of faith Moses. So i take it and they are about to leave when the white guy says. Your a Mormon arent you? With a big smile and without hesitation i reply: "Yes. Yes i am" The black guy had no idea. haha. So the black guy was like whats your name? I say Elder. The white guy snaps at me and says "No its not. Thats not your real name. Whats your real name?" Again i reply Elder. haha. Hes tells the black guy "No its not thats just the names they have for 2 years during their ministry" He looks at me and says "Well thank you for opening the door." I said "Hey no problem. You are welcome here anytime." They said they would come back. We will see...
     Funny story number 2:
We tracted into this awesome guy from new York. He moved here a long time ago so hes got a think accent. But he was really nice to us. He told us the story of how hes been a cop for many years. And sometimes theyd have like conferences or what not. And one time he was with a cop from Detroit, New Orleans, and DC. He said some how they started talking about the missionaries. They all just started talking about how cool we were and how they couldnt believe what we were doing. Cuz the missionaries would go into the most vicious parts of town and no one would touch them. Theyd go and talk to a bunch of people smoking or drinking and they wouldnt get hurt. He said they would get police calls like almost every night and they were always so scared that it was one of the missionaries. Cuz he said white people would go into these parts of town and just get the crap beat outta them. But then here would come the missionaries and no one would touch them. (During this whole time hes like getting really into the conversation and cussing up a storm which made it even more funny.)
Its just pretty cool to see that the missionaries got street cred.
  Okay so we also have been seeing a lot of miracles. Like the other day we were planning and we had a strong impressiong to go visit this person we talked to a few days before. She wasnt home but we knocked the door right next to hers and this guy opens up and we talk to him but he just wont budge. haha. My companion had to use the bathroom so he asked him if he could come in. (Luckily for us Hispanics cannot say no to anyone asking for the bathroom or water. They are too nice like that.) So we get in and i start talking to him and his 2 brothers and sister. They are like 40ish. They turned out to be really awesome. They started asking me all this questions and they were just falling right where we wanted them. They had questions on like where do we go after we die? And which of all the churches are true? We were just like unbelieved at how prepared they were. We are going over tonight and im so excited!
  Then we had another miracle. Last night we had an appointment at 7 but as soon as we got within 100 feet of his house he called to cancelled. We were so bummed but we felt we needed to go some where else. We visited this lady who we taught a long time ago. She let us in and she just starts crying and telling us how she feels alone all the time and her divorce is hard on her and she has trouble raising her 2 kids alone. She just listened to the spirit and taught a really powerful lesson on The Atonement. It was awesome so hopefully she will progress. Then our next appointment cancelled and its like 8 o clock. we seriously had no idea what to do. But then again the Spirit directed us to a family in need. There was this less active family and they let us in and they said they wanted a blessing on the house cuz they dont really feel comfortable in the house. We did it and it was awesome! The spirit filled the room right after. And the cool thing was the mom said she said to her husband "Its kinda weird that the missionaries havent come by in a while." She said that at 8 right when our second appointment cancelled! Crazy right. The Lord really is aware of everyones needs. Hes knows whats best. Im just grateful to be the Lords humble servant.
I love being a missionary...

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