Monday, May 20, 2013


Things are awesome! Carina went under on Sunday! Shes so awesome she was so ready for the Gospel and needed it so bad in her life. She is already planning that her two sons who are 7 and 1 serve missions! Shes incredible and had such a strong testimony. She was crying at the end. So awesome.
And had the best opportunity to baptize the 8 year old girl! Shes my best friend. It was such a great experience. Her dad is not a member so she asked me! So cute.
But other then that not much has happened. My companion is sick! We laugh all the time and have a great time working together to help the zone. Its been a fun week. We really right now need to find new investigators. All day yesterday we had no luck until the last door we knocked at 8:29. This woman we found already had met with missionaries a long time ago. So hopefully its her time now!
And we also had this miracle happen. We were driving and saw this car in the middle of the road who was broken down. We immedietly parked and rush to help. The two people inside were Hispanic! We pushed the car out of the street and got their information. I have high hopes for them!
Okay so on the 29th of May we are having a zone activity and we are doing the 2013 Seneca Olympics. We did this last year around the same time so we felt that it was the right time to do it again.
My comp and i made the teams: Team Edward, Jedi Knights, Griffindor, and The Justice League.
It was hilarious when we announced the teams to our zone. Everyone is really excited about it! Im stoked!
The Church is true.

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