Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Momma Day

Just wanna do a quick  shout out to my dear and loving mother Becky Julander. Shes the best and i love her! Thank you for all you do for me!

Well this week has been good. Me and my companion have been getting along great! Its awesome. Weve been working pretty hard and have been seeing the miracles. We have this awesome family we are starting to teach! They were visited by other Elders but they didnt speak english so they sent us over there. They are so legit! First of the are married! And they have a little daughter of 8! They are so willing to listen and learn. We had an amazing powerful lesson with them and they committed to read the Book of Mormon. They said theyd get baptized when they know its true!
We did have a really hard lesson the other day with this woman. Her names Angie and shes been investigating for a while. She has so much potencial and shes awesome! She has so many friends in the church but grew up catholic... she said she doesnt want to pray to know the truth cuz shes scared at what the answer might be... So pretty much she knows the church is true but doesnt want to act upon it. It was really sad cuz i love her so much and she is soooooo ready but just wont get baptized! 
Last night we had an adventure. Some elders didnt call and let us know they were in and we tried calling and calling but they didnt answer so we called the Assistants and they said theyd pick us up. It was at 11 o clock when we headed for their apartment. haha. It was a long drive to. like 20 minute drive and we didnt know what to do so we went all the way down. The door was of course locked and we knocked but no answer. So we are looking for was to get in and i just used some of my new skills i learned in the ghetto (my first area) and picked their window locked and climbed in. Thankfully they were just sleeping and forgot to call in. They freaked out though cuz i climbed in right next to one of their beds! haha. It was hilarious.
Also Claudia is doing missionary work! She wants us to send the missionaries to her mom in honduras! They totally went by and have an appointment with her tonight! im so excited!
Gotta love the mission!

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