Monday, May 20, 2013

No way

This has been an awesome week!
First of we had 2 baptisms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was such an incredible day. I loved every second of it. And i have the coolest story ever!
So theres a little more to the story of Claudia... Last sunday she went and talked to the Bishop and told him everything thats going on in her life and what not. 
      This is what she told the Bisphop: "When the Elders taught me the law of chastity i committed to live it. The first thing i did was went to my boyfriend and asked if we could get married. He told me he didnt really want to. But then i asked him how important it was for me. He looked at me and said: 'I dont like the Mormon church. And i know that you need to be married to me to get baptized so im not going to get married to you so you cant get baptized.' So i thought about it and i told him straight up that i like this church and i know its true. I need to be baptized so your out. Leave, tonight!" 
    When Bishop told us that we were just in shock. No way... Really? We couldnt believe that she actually did that. We didnt realize how much Claudia understood the Gospel. She gets it. She was so prepared by the Lord and she has such a strong testimony of the church. It was so amazing to hear that story from her. Shes such an awesome convert. 
So that was the miracle of the week. It was awesome!
Then Karina is getting baptized this Sunday. She is also super prepared! She accepts everything we teach her! Word of wisdom, chastity, tithing, no problem at all. Shes so sick! I love it. 
   So transfers were today and my comp went home... But im really excited for this next transfer cuz im with Elder Branning. I was in the same apartment with him when he first came out so im so excited! Its gonna be an awesome transfer! 
I love this Gospel

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