Sunday, August 18, 2013

So this has just been a busy week.
Because we have a truck we always get to help people out by moving somthings around. Just this week we helped a lady move a bed, a ward member move a fridge, weve taken lots of leaves and jone to the dump. Its just been great cuz we love doing service and helping people. Only problem is that it takes time away from us working so we havent had too good of a week teaching wise. We have a few really cool investigators and a ton of potentials we just need to contact them all. 
 But got some awesome news. Claudias family went to church in Honduras and loved it! They really like what the missionaries have been teaching them. they are totally gonna get baptized soon! Claudia is so happy! Its been pretty sweet to see that.
On monday we had our last interviews with president... It was pretty sad. They leave in about 1 month. Not looking forward to that day. Bummer.
Next week is the 2013 Seneca Olympics! We are stoked and are really looking forward to it. The trash talk has been sooooo good. cant wait to see what happens. Love you all so much.

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