Sunday, August 18, 2013

Have Faith. See Miracles

This week was incredibly fast!
Just like i said last week. Elder Sterr is a beast!
Weve been working so hard nonstop. Its been great!
We really are trying so hard to find people. 
Weve had some pretty cool miracles but just cant seem to sit down and teach.
We have been tracting a lot! I dont really like tracting but Elder Sterr has so much faith that it rubs off on me and helps me to enjoy it. His faith has brought us miracles.
Weve found some pretty sweet people but they are For the English Elders or French Elders.
But it doesnt really matter its the same work. We know our time will come when we find people for ourselves. 
Ive been in this area for 4 transfers now so i know i have some unfinished business. 
I think its for this one woman named Angie. Her and her two kids are so amazing! And i love them so much but she just wont be baptized. Shes so ready and i know im here to baptize her or to help get her close! Im good with either one.
So the day which we had all been waiting for finally came.
Carina had her baby! It was so great!
We went and gave her a blessing Monday night cuz she was having some vicious labor pains. She had them from like Monday afternoon till 3 in the morning! It was a hard one for her.
We then went and visited her yesterday! Her son is so precious. The miracle of life.
He is a very special son. I know we found Carina right before he got born for a reason!
So the other day we were outside with these two kids who were blowing up these special rocket baloons and then letting them go. We were talking with them and then they gave us 2 balloons. So of course we start to play as well. But i could not blow up my balloon. It was so hard! I seriously strained myself. haha. The kids were doing it so easily but i couldnt! Luckily no one was around so i didnt embarrass myself. My mouth just hurt the rest of the night. 
The mission is great! Love it.

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