Sunday, August 18, 2013

 The 2013 Seneca Olympics was a huge success!
The Justice League took it right at the end! It was so much fun! people got really into it. The trash talk was hilarious. We had a blast but are pooped. It was a lot of preperation work. haha. 
So this week has been a little tough. Since we just got off some baptisms its normal for an area to slow down... So weve been working super hard to find some people and get people on date! Havent had too much luck so on Sunday night we made a ton of changes to what we were doing and made some goals. So we really are now working as hard as we can to find some people. Praying and focusing a whole lot more. And the miracles have come. 
We actually made a miracle board in our apartment and put all the miracles thats weve seen this transfer. It was a little humbling cuz theres been a lot and we honestly were just looking over them and being not very grateful. 
Weve had some pretty amazing miracles like:
On saturdays we play soccer and so we went to the field early to warm up and there was this hispanic woman and her son there. We talked to them and turns out they were members! Lost members from Honduras! They came here in August and just really didnt want to come to church. And they also live with 2 other members! They all came to church this sunday! It was incredible. Some times people just need a little push. 
Then on Sunday I had a spiritual prompting to go visit this one referal weve had for a month now... The referal wasnt home so we knocked the door next to it. This family also from Honduras lets us in. They are pretty cool! But as we were leaving this woman in the parking lot calls for us to go over to her and she just tells us that shes going through a hard time and nothing is alright. She wouldnt tell us what was wrong but we have an appointment with her in an hour! We are so excited!
Gotta love the Lord. He truely is blessing us. 
I love being a missionary!

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