Sunday, August 18, 2013

No way

What a week it has been...
So my companion got called to be the new Assistant last Thursday. Totally shocking!
So I had to manage the zone by myself. haha. It was kinda stressful but so much fun!
I was put into a trio with 2 other elder just for the week. We had so much fun! It was one of the best weeks ever! We had to cover two areas so we were busy the whole time! We had a blast working together and what not.
Our area has been kinda struggling lately but we are keeping up spirits. Just trying to find people. That is the problem that all missionaries have. haha.
On Saturday night we went to go see Jenny Oaks Baker! It was incredible! It was songs from her Disney album. Definitely need to get that one!
And as you probably know transfer were today. It was crazy!
So we never know where we are going until the day of. On Monday nights they will tell us if we are leaving or staying but that's it. So on Monday night I of course was staying cuz my companion left. But the crazy thing was that only one other Spanish elder got called up to be a Zone Leader. So I thought I was going to get released but I never got the call. So this morning we were just sitting in the transfer meeting and President will go through the entire mission and announce the transfers. So im sitting there and looking around. We were the last zone to get announced. I looked at the 2 assistants and they just have this little smirk on their faces. I look across the way and see the only other zone leader sitting on the other side. Then President announced the unthinkable! He put me and an English elder together! Everyone was shocked! I was so happy! Im with Elder Jelitto. Hes awesome! And im so happy that we are together. His Spanish is very very small. But hes actually pretty decent. So im just so excited to be with him and to teach him Spanish! Its going to be a crazy transfer. And then to end the meeting we sung our mission song. And for a surprise for the Matsumoris we added another verse specifically for them...
As soon as the music play They started crying and then of course I started crying. It was just so sad. There wasn't a dry eye in the room when we ended the song... Then The Matsumoris let everyone give them hugs. It was really tough. Especially when I hugged Sister Matsumori. That was hard. The new mission president gets here on the 29th. Its going to be so different. Kinda not too excited... But I know itll all work out. Itll be okay.
I love the mission.

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