Sunday, August 18, 2013


 Great things have been happening in the DC area.
Its gotten super hot but like everyday rain comes to cool us off. Tender Mercy.
Weve been finding some sweet people.
Our recent convert Carina is amazing and is talking about the Gospel to all her friends!
We are actually going over there tonight to teach her friend! We are so excited. We got to meet her briefly last week and this is exactly what she is looking for! So stoked. gotta love member referals.
And we have been doing a lot of tracting but its been good. We have faith to find so we are trying hard. Found this awesome guy Victor on Monday. At first didnt want to let us in but the Spirit was able to touch him and we taught him.
The Stake just had trek! It was a great experience for all the youth. Our investigator even went on it and loved it! He said it was awesome. Hes pretty much a dry member. Just trying to figure out why he wants to wait to get baptized. We pray and think about him all the time. Just trying to find that last little thing.
Elder Jelitto is doing so good! Hes a little stressed and tells me he sleeps a lot better at night cuz hes just exhausted. haha. He loved it though. Doesnt want to go back to English!
The Cookes come this Saturday. Had our last visit with the Matsumoris on Sunday... Super sad got one last hug and picture. Not too excited to see them go.
How great was that broadcast?! Gotta love it. Talked all about member missionary work. We know that the leaders are trying to move all missions to no prosilyting. But only member work! Thatll be the day.
So our 3 mintues of fame was pretty cool. We thought wed have a little bit longer and more interactive. We were dying cuz it was so hott in that room and we were in there for 3 hours! haha. Still we appreciate the face time
Funny story. We went on a bike ride today through the forest! It was awesome But we stopped to take a picture on a tree that was hanging over the river and i totally lost my footing and fell in the river. Got completely soaked. I couldnt even feel the bottom of the river so i kinda thought i was gonna drown. Not gonna lie. haha. But we all had a good laugh after i got out.
I love the mission! Its the best!
Next week Pday is on the 4th!
Elder Julander

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