Sunday, August 18, 2013

Packed week!
   Things have been going so well! 
I love my companion. He is hilarious.
We get a long supa well. He is trying so hard to learn Spanish! Bless his heart. I dont want this transfer to end cuz we are just having so much fun!  Our personalities just click. Its so great!
We had a pretty amazing week!
So other then the fact that we have just been wiped out every single night from both of us having to put extra effort in. My companion having to learn spanish. Me from having to do a lot more than usual cuz he cant understand fully. He even said that hes never been so tired in his entire mission. He loves it though. He doesnt want to go back to English. All i had to say was welcome to the Spanish program brah. It has that effect on people. 
Got some amazing news! Claudia's mom got baptized on Sunday! Hows sick right? And her sister and 2 nieces are getting baptized this Sunday! So incredible to see how much better members are at missionary work than us. Its kinda embarrassing really... It was a really a special moment for her. 
On a crazy note. We met god! So we were out tracting the other day and we saw this dude sittin on his porch. So we talk to him. This is the following conversation: (This dudes name is Mo) 
 Us: Hey brother hows it going?
Mo: Im doin good.
Us: Its a great day isnt it? So where are you from?
Mo: South East DC
Us: Oh very cool. Well we are missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ. We see that you have some type of cross around your neck. Are you a religious man?
Mo: Im God.
Us: ....................................... 
(At this point the Spirit left us quick)
Mo: You two are doing a great job. Please continue spreading my word
Mo: Yall have a good day.
Us: Uh....... You too.........
It was super crazy! haha. Very uncomfortable. Both of us were just like. Did you feel the Spirit leave? 
God lives in DC! Who knew? 
So im so happy to be on a mission! Got 4 months left! Cant believe it.
Much love

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