Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well i thought i was gonna email on thursday but turns out all the
librarys are closed that day so i forgot... haha my bad.

But things have been going great!
We met the Cookes for the first time yesterday!
It was super exciting and nervous.
I can honestly say that i love the Cookes already.
The are both incredible.
President Cooke talked to us about war, of course. haha. He was in the
Army for 39 years. He told us of how we are at war. How we need to
keep up the fight and never give up. He knows a lot about war history
so im super excited. It was really inspiring and uplifting. He told us
that he is more concerned with our own testimony and conversion more
than anything. He said he wants us to be life long members and to
never fall away. Thats his goal as President. And if we are converted
completely then we will will still baptize.
It was so great. Im very excited. Got spiritual confirmation as soon
as he started speaking. Its going to be a great last 2 transfers with
Elder Jelitto and I have been doing great. Still lovin the work and
its slowly picking up which is great! We are very happy and have
desires to work.
But really nothing too different. Its been raining like for the past
week. Everytime i see the son i just wanna cry. I miss it. haha. The
humidity is raising. Bummer...
So we have like 4 wasp nests on our balcony and we always talk to the
front desk about it but nothing ever gets don. So we decided that if
nothing gets done today tomorrow morning we are going to kill them
ourselves. haha. We are thinking up some plans.
I love the mission!

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