Sunday, August 18, 2013

Battle Royale

Fun week.
So great things have been going on in MoVille!
Weve been working super hard but havent really been seein much success. We are trying ot find but our zone is just struggling with the finding. Its just been a rough transfer but everyone is just doing great.
The assistants decided that the mission should do a car fast! (Its just a way to show the Lord we are serious on finding by sacrificing our cars for a day.) But leave it up to the APs to big the 2 hottest days of the transfer! haha. It was supa hard but loved it!
We walked all day Monday and Yesterday. It was hilarious cuz it was suppossed to help us find people but no one was outside cuz it was so hot! But we still saw some miracles from it.
We had a whole bunch of water with us so no one got sick.
We were cutting through the forrests and what not so it was a lot of fun but not too efficeint. haha.
Yesterday we only had 2 appointments cuz it took us an hour to walk to our first appointment and then 3 hours to walk to our next appointment. (Im not exagerating we walked 3 hour straight!) We were dying, super sweaty! But we loved it!
We were just talking and laughing the whole time.
We did find a family of 11 so that was super sweet! We have an appointment with them this saturday!
So Zone activity went great! Everyone had a blast. It was cool. We all just ended up having a giant water fight! That was supa nice and felt great in the heat! haha.
Crazy story.
Our apartment office asked us the other day if we had roommates cuz there were two guys dressed like us and said they got locked out and needed a key to get in. So we thought it was someone in our zone so we called around. It wasnt... So we were super creeped out. haha. Luckily our apartment complex doesnt hand out keys with out ID so thats good! Blessings. We will be fine!
Transfers is next week! Have no idea where im going. Might be training again. We will see.
Mission = Love

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