Sunday, August 18, 2013

Toe Jam

Transfers was sick!
So im staying as a zone leader for one more and i Finally GOT MY mtc companion!
Im so stoked! Elder Sterr. Hes such a beast. I know we are gonna see so many miracles. Hes gonna help me with so much. Spanish, Humility, Focusing, Finding, Baptizing. Hes just incredible. Im so excited. Ive waited for this my entire mission! What a blessing!
Okay so this week was crazy.
Elder Jelitto got called up to be an Office Missionary. So I again was in a trio for a week. 
It was a lotta fun but very stressful. haha. Ive even started to break-out a little!
We are just struggling with finding. and teaching. I havent given up hope but its just hard.
And they split our area so now we have less to work with. But i know Elder Sterr will change the entire area!
So we had a crazy storm the other day! Like flash flood crazy! 
It was so intense. They lightning was sick! And we saw a lighting strike a transformer. Sparks when every where it was so cool (Dont worry mom i was in the car)
Also had a huge miracle this past week. 
We were helping someone move and this huge heavy dresser fell on my toe. 
Im talking like 200lb dresser. This thing was ridiculous!
It hurt like crap!
But i held my peace like a man! Not a single tear! haha
But it was hurting really bad and i got a blessing. One of the senior couples in this mission is a foot doctor so i met with him and he dressed it and what not. 
And so today i feel great! Nothing broke. Nothings too damaged. The Senior missionary even said today it looks amazing. He said himself its a miracle nothing broke and that i can what on it. 
So that was a pretty great tender mercy of the Lord.
Gotta love the mission! Best thing every.

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