Sunday, August 18, 2013

Its been another great week here in DC.

Gotta love the mission.
The 4th was great! We had a lot of fun.
We played soccer and tennis in the morning for a bit then went down to DC. Thankfully we did not watch the parade. (I will not make that mistake twice.)
We went to the zoo. But there were no animals at all! So lame. 
We pretty much just chilled a little but and then headed back at like 8. President let us stay out all day! What a blessing.
We then watched the fireworks in MoVille. It was actually really good. 
And lemme just tell you the site we witnessed.
There were people every where! Like it was so packed! 
There were people parked on the mediums and on the exits of the highways. They were all over! So it was a good day.
Things have been going pretty well. 
We are still trying to find people. But we have seen some miracles. 
Just doin the Lords work.
So next week we are having our zone activity. And we are gonna do like a Capture the Flag Battle Royale! We are so stoked. We are doing it all official and have 3 team captains by popular vote and then this morning we did a lottery draft! haha. It was pretty legit! Everyone is excited!
And then after we did that we finaly got enough courage to kill the wasps! We were just sick and tired of complaining to the front desk and seen no results. About 1 month now weve been wating. 
So my companion was on guard duty with a tennis racket. I suits up from head to toe in clothes so only my face was showing. After many failed atempts we finally got a plan. We just grabbed a log squirt gun and sprayed them. They all fell to the ground and i just curbstomped them all! And whacked the nest off and smashed it.
Not gonna lie it was pretty terrifying but we showed them whose boss! 
Just another day in the mission.
Love it. 
Elder Julander

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