Wednesday, October 2, 2013


What the heck.
So things are great. Facebook is whack! Its so weird to be on facebook but its such a blessing.
This passed week ive been able to talk to a friend from home and a youth in my last area. Theyve had a few questions and ive been able to answer them. Its so amazing! Its just weird seeing everyone. haha. But it can for sure be abused so always gotta be careful...
And guess what? We went to the Nats game on friday night! haha. It was so sweet. We went for a reason, but i dont really know why. haha. But it was some great publicity. It was so much fun! We got home pretty late. Not gonna say how late but just know it was late...
The other day had the great opportunity to visit a family that i had helped reactivate. They are so amazing! There is such a strong Spirit in their home now. This past month they went through the temple! How amazing right? My joy is full.
They are so much happier and close. Its so awesome. The Gospel can fix any problem.
So its been pretty normal around here. Just the same old work. Trying to work hard and stay focused. Time is comin quick! Things are good though. Im good.
I sure do love this work. Its true.

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